The Difference Between A Blender And A Juicer

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What’s the difference between a blender and a juicer? This is a question that many people end up asking themselves when they are not fully prepared with knowledge of the nuances between the different types of kitchen appliance. Well, here at Bubba D we are about to put this question to bed once and for all…


A blender is an appliance that has some sort of rotating blade which chops, slices and blends whatever you put into it. They are commonly used to make smoothies. By throwing some ice, a few pieces of fruit, some other liquids like milk or orange juice and then hitting the button you can turn those ingredients into a delicious drink.

Blenders are also used in cooking for whipping, mixing and other preparation of ingredients. To read about further uses for this type of small appliance you can check out this buyers guide.


Assorted fruitA juicer is often mistaken for a blender by many people but there is a massive difference. A juicer’s prime function is to squeeze or otherwise pulverise fruit and/or vegetables to extract the juices from within. The result is a fresh juice drink but with all of the fibrous material removed. This results in much less volume of drink for the same amount of ingredients when compared to  a blender because so much of it is removed. The very best juicers will be able to extract as much out of the fruit and veg as possible leaving very little waste.

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Getting Your Grill On

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Wow, has it really been that long since I last updated this web site? Sorry about that! I wanted to write this quick post today to talk about the genius of using a grill barbecue when you go away camping. Seeing as this is a food and barbecue blog it seemed rather apt!

The reason for my sudden interest in telling you about this is that I recently went away on a camping trip with my family and when we came home we all agreed that the highlight of the trip was the evenings spent sat around the camp fire, with me on the barbecue off to one side and just chilling out as the day turned to night.

I’d bought a brand new gas grill and had a chance to use it for the first time on this trip and boy did it not disappoint! The consistency and reliability of having a gas grill even when you are camping can not be underestimated. Sure, we could have used a charcoal grill or even roasted our sausages over the camp fire, but who can be bothered with all of that these days when it’s so easy (not to mention safe) to use one powered by gas.

Of course, I had a few camping recipes up my sleeve, topped off with some delicious barbecue sauce more often than not!

Anyway, I don’t really have much more to say than to check out the links I posted in this article as you’ll find some great gas grills having been reviewed and there are a bunch of recipes that you can take and use too next time you decide to have a family camping trip and take your bbq with you.

If you’re looking for some new places to try out then you can also check out as they have a comprehensive database of camp grounds all around america.

So until next time (i promise it wont be so long until then!)


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Welcome to Bubba D

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Welcome to, a site dedicated to bringing you news and advice on all things food related.

Today is just a short introduction to our site, to let you know we are up and running and ready to roll with some great updates to come. So whether you are a lover of a good old barbecue or are keeping everything healthy to help slim down a little, there will be something for you.

Because this is our first post on a brand new web site, we’d just like to share a few links with you to give you something interesting to read whilst we are out there, busily working away on our next post.

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